CarlinKit Tbox LED - Wireless CarPlay+Android Auto+Android 13 Streaming Box 3 in 1 car Adapter

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Questions? We've got answers.


Which wireless Carplay adapter should I buy?

Not sure which adapter is right for you? Check out our product comparison.
The most important thing to consider when choosing Carplay/Android Auto adapter is the vehicle and mobile phone system. So before purchasing, please make sure whether the cable that comes with your car is wired Carplay or wired Android Auto.

1. Carlinkit 5.0 2Air is an excellent choice for families with both Android and iPhone users. (Carlinkit 5.0 can be connected with Carplay/Android Auto vehicle OEM factory original cable.)

2. If you only want to use the CarPlay function, Carlinkit 3.0 U2W Plus can help. It converts wired CarPlay to wireless. (Not available for Android Auto and Android phones.)

3. If you're into streaming video apps like YouTube and Netflix and want to play videos and games in your car, check out our "Streaming Multimedia Video AI Box" series. (The Tbox series supports the original cable connection of the Carplay/Android Auto vehicle OEM factory.)

Is the Carlinkit adapter compatible with my car?

If your vehicle comes with an OEM factory-wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto, then our product is compatible with you.

However, our wireless CarPlay adapter will not work with vehicles that only support a wireless CarPlay connection, such as BMW models.

How do I know if my car has wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto?

There are 3 ways to check if your car has a wired CarPlay or Android Auto function:

1. Check if there is a CarPlay or Android Auto function icon on the car audio screen.
Some car manufacturers will display the CarPlay or Android Auto function icon on the car stereo screen.

2. Use an iPhone or Android phone to test each USB port on the car stereo. Connect the car stereo to the phone with a USB cable.
If a pop-up window about using CarPlay or Android Auto appears on the phone, it means your car has a CarPlay or Android Auto function.

3. If you're still unsure, it might be worth consulting a car dealer.

Do wireless CarPlay adapters work with aftermarket stereo?

Yes. Our wireless CarPlay adapter, Carlinkit CCPA, is made for use with aftermarket stereos. It makes it easy to get wireless functionality for your aftermarket CarPlay or Android Auto system. (Requires the “Autokit” app installed in your Automotive Head Unit.)

Will the carplay adapter drain the vehicle battery?

The wireless adapter has minimal power consumption and will not significantly affect the battery life of either the car or the phone.

Furthermore, if the adapter's light persists after the vehicle has been turned off, there is no cause for concern.

This is due to the presence of residual current in the USB port. One may choose to unplug the adapter or simply disregard it, as it will automatically power off after a brief period.