Carlinkit: Leading Innovation in Car Multimedia Solutions

Established in 2014, Carlinkit has emerged as a trailblazer in the world of multi-screen interactive products. Our focus has always been on the research, development, application, and promotion of innovative CarPlay and Android Auto solutions. We envision a future where cars are more than just transportation—they're an extension of your home and digital life.



Unmatched Technological Innovation

Carlinkit stands out in the competitive market through exceptional technological innovation and superior product quality. Our extensive product range has consistently maintained a leading position in the industry. By collaborating with international trading companies and vehicle manufacturers, we've built a robust supply system, promoting market development on a global scale.


Efficient Production and Advanced R&D

Our state-of-the-art production facilities ensure top-notch quality control and the flexibility to meet market demands. Carlinkit's R&D team drives technological innovation, continually advancing our products to stay at the forefront of technology.



Enhancing Your Driving Experience

Our products seamlessly integrate your favorite apps and features into your car, enhancing every journey. Whether you're commuting, running errands, or on a road trip, Carlinkit ensures you stay connected and entertained.



Company Culture

At Carlinkit, we foster a culture of teamwork, innovation, and employee growth. We provide a platform for employees to showcase their talents and explore their potential, striving to become the preferred brand trusted by customers.



Carlinkit's Development Milestones

2014: Launched office and home HDMI interconnect box listed (wireless) cast screen mirror (5147)

2015: Car RCA interconnect box listed (wireless) cast screen mirror (6147)


- Car HDMI product launch (wireless) screen casting mirror (6147S)

- Development of USB products for cars, intelligent driving entertainment system (CPC200-CCPM)

- Development of dedicated original car protocol products

2017:USB interconnection box listed (common for Android car) wired version of mirror casting screen (CPC200-CCPM)

2018: Development of car USB interconnection box (Android car computer universal) wireless version of mirror cast screen (CPC200-CCPW)


- Android head unit upgrade wireless CarPlay products released (CPC200-CCPW)

- Universal original protocol upgrade wireless products released(CPC200-U2W / CPC200-U2W Plus)


- Android automotive head unit upgrade wireless HUAWEI HiCar (CPC200-B2H)

- Original car protocol upgrade HUAWEI HiCar released (CPC200-U2H / CPC200-U2HC)


- Received national high-tech enterprise recognition (Certificate No. GR202144011803)

- Universal Original Agreement Wired Upgrade Wireless CarPlay + Android Auto 2-in-1 Connected Box Launched (CPC200-CP2A)

- Mini version of universal original protocol wired upgrade wireless interconnection box on the market (CPC200-U2W Mini)

- Original car protocol upgrade Android system interconnection box listed (can be converted to use according to the owner's own needs) (CPC200-Tbox )


- CarPlay adapter be suitable for Tesla released (CPC200-T2C)

- Android Auto wired upgrade wireless products released (CPC200-A2A)

- Original Agreement Upgrade Android System Connected Box is available (CPC200-Tbox mini version / CPC200-Tbox Plus version / CPC200-Tbox AR )

- Wireless Connected Box for Android head unit upgrade CarPlay+Android Auto+HiCar Launched (CPC200-CCPA)


- Original Wired Upgrade Wireless CarPlay / Wired Upgrade Wireless Android Auto Product Listing (CPC200-2air)

- Original Agreement Upgrade Android 11.0 System Connected Box is available (CPC200-ibox)

- Original Agreement Upgrade ICCOA Connected Box is available(CPC200-U2H IE)

- Mini2 version of universal original protocol wired upgrade wireless interconnection box on the market (CPC200-U2W Mini2)

- Original Agreement Upgrade Android 13.0 System Connected Box is available (CPC200-Tbox Ambient/CPC200-Tbox UHD)


- Original Agreement Upgrade Android 10.0 System Connected Box is available(CPC200- TBox LITE)

- Original Agreement Upgrade Android 13.0 System Connected Box is available(CPC200- Tbox UHD)

- Original Car Protocol Wired CarPlay Upgrade HDMI Connectivity Box Products available(CPC200- HD2CP)


Carlinkit continues to lead the industry with its innovative solutions, enhancing the driving experience by seamlessly integrating digital life into your car. Join us as we drive into the future of in-car technology.